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This weeks Appalachia trip had 50 participants coming from all over the United States, Lessburg Church from Kentucky, a family from Illinois, a family from Virginia, and a family all the way from Washington state.
The group was diverse but all came together, intermingling to create the body of Christ that went out and served the Duffield, VA and Kingsport,TN areas.

Each day the teams went out to serve 5 different ministries in the area and each day they returned with stories of pouring out and experiencing God’s love. One team spent the week doing construction on a home that is being renovated for a recidivism program. Thursday on the last full day of ministry they told the story that they stopped and talked with a man they had met throughout the week. The team was riding in a large red school bus, the whole team got out of the bus and came around this man, laid hands on him and prayed for him in the street. Two cars pulled off to the road, due to the stopped bus in the middle of the road and watched this happen. The team was able to tell them all about Jesus and shed some light into their lives.

Another team spent the week building relationships within a nursing home. They sang songs, played games, made Fourth of July crafts, and walked away with love in their hearts for those they had met and spent the week with.

Each evening the whole group shared fellowship over a home cooked meal, gave testimonies of the day and learned more about how our brokenness leads us to Christ, hearing the voice of God and how to share their own story. The Lord really came after this group’s hearts this week, He broke down walls, and 3 took their next step in baptism this week.

These are just some of the many stories that God created here through the ministry work and fellowship in Appalachian. This is a place where the Lord is creating new hearts, passions, and desires. Where He is creating a love for serving in His kingdom and where He is placing a call on His church to receive His love and pour it out onto the nations. This is a place of love and freedom.

During the week it was incredible to see 50 different people come together functioning as the one body of Christ! Thanks Appalachia for allowing us all to be apart of growing God’s kingdom this week!

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